CV of Donald Harvey

Freelance full-stack web developer (primarily Django/Python) with 7 years of experience; recent Mathematics graduate. Looking for interesting new projects where I can apply my wide experience and expand my skillset further.


  • Programming and backend development

    • Expert knowledge of Python and Django (~7 years experience).
    • Solid experience working with a variety of databases, both SQL-based (Postgres, MySQL) and NoSQL (redis, RethinkDB, MongoDB)
    • Moderate levels of experience using node.js for realtime projects.
    • Moderate experience working with C++ (mostly with OpenCV) for academic research.
  • Frontend development, design and UX

    • Expert frontend developer (HTML, CSS (SASS, LESS), JavaScript (jQuery, React, Backbone), etc., ~8 years experience)
    • Good eye for visual design, especially typography; can prototype and mockup web and mobile interfaces effectively.
    • Considerable experience in designing and implementing usable interfaces and progressively enhancing them using JavaScript and CSS.
  • Other

    • Good UNIX command-line skills, and experience using version control.
    • Moderate devops experience using Ansible and shell scripting to deploy and manage code.
    • Experience with data analysis using Numpy, Scipy, pandas and Matplotlib.
    • Moderate experience with Machine Learning, using scikit-learn for simple regression tasks
    • Mathematically- and scientifically-literate. Working knowledge of basic statistics.


  • Fireside

    • design
    • ux
    • backend
    • frontend

    Nov 2014–

    I develop Fireside, an open-source application for recording audio or video interviews entirely in the browser. It is built with Coffeescript, Backbone, WebRTC,, Express and RethinkDB.
  • Fantasy Soccer Kings

    • consulting
    • backend
    • frontend
    • devops
    • ux

    Oct 2015–

    I was the sole developer for this fantasy soccer startup. The project centrally involved writing code to reliably run the various games that the site provides, and interface with credit-checking, real-time sports data and payment APIs. The backend was Python- and Django-based. I particularly enjoyed learning and using React to build a usable and responsive team picker component.

    • backend
    • mentoring
    • consulting
    • devops


    I started out with consultancy and mentoring on this Django-based online Argentine Tango school, and have been responsible for ongoing development and maintenance since 2014.
  • Made of People

    • dev lead
    • backend
    • frontend
    • ux

    Jun 2016–

    I am currently development lead for Made of People, a tool that helps artists and creators amplify their reach on social networks by sharing their audiences.
  • Undisclosed machine learning project

    • development
    • data analysis

    Oct 2016–

    This project on a ~100k-record dataset has involved data analysis, cleaning and application of state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to an interesting real-world business problem.

  • Python and Django Mentoring

    • mentoring

    Oct 2016–

    I am currently mentoring a number of clients, giving advice and sharing experience to help them with their projects and with learning Python/Django. See my CodeMentor profile for more details.

Education so far

  • MSci Natural Sciences (Mathematics with Physics), University of Durham

    Oct 2012–Jun 2016

    Second class honours, upper division
    Full transcript available on request

  • A-levels, New College Durham

    Sep 2010–Jul 2012

    A*A* (Mathematics, Physics), AA (Philosophy, Further Mathematics), A (AS Geography)

Employment & experience

  • Freelance programmer and web developer

    Mar 2012–

    See my projects above.

  • Volunteer instructor, Code First: Girls

    Feb 2016–

    Teaching beginners' courses on HTML, CSS and Python at Durham University and now at Bristol University.

  • Full-stack web developer, VODO Ltd

    Jun 2012-Jan 2016–

    • Heavily involved in developing and maintaining the mature VODO web codebase, both backend (Python/Django) and frontend (SASS, JS). (2012–)
    • Was solely responsible for developing the code for VODO's successful Bundle products. (2014)
    • Collaborated with the CEO and CTO to introduce a novel strategy for adaptive pricing of digital goods. (2014)
    • Experience using numpy, scipy, pandas and matplotlib to perform various data analysis tasks on VODO's customer and visitor data.

  • Lead programmer and web developer, 9miles Media

    Oct 2008–Jun 2012

    Started a web design agency with other teens when I was 14, and was responsible for development of numerous projects, including a custom PHP child sponsorship system, various wordpress sites, a prototype for a website-building SAAS, and an SMS feedback SAAS made in two months for Classy Llama using Django.


Hiking & hillwalking, typography, strategy and board games, cycling, speculative fiction and SF